Windfarms are an unsustainable alternative

We are now beginning to get actual production data from Germany which represents the most recent and currently available (September 2017) data from what is currently the world’s most significant, largest scale installation of windfarms. Germany has 27,000 wind turbines installed … along with a lot photovoltaics … which provide over 96 GW of fully … Continue reading

Sustain Fund Announcement

I will commit $250K to Sustain Fund as SEED MONEY … with the intention of raising more capital … for the purposes of aggressively confronting abuses in local governments everywhere that tend to restrict the full Constitutionally-protected enjoyment of private property in a healthful manner that encourages healthy lifestyles and promotes a creative atmosphere to … Continue reading

Veteran’s Day — The Oath

I took the Oath to support and defend the Constitution in late March, 1981 … I do not remember the exact day, but I remember reading the Oath over beforehand and thinking a LOT about the significance of the Oath … evidently, contemplation of what supporting and defending the Constitution means is unusual, but I … Continue reading