OBSERVE/LEARN REASON/FORMULATE HYPOTHESIS EXPERIMENT/FAIL REPEAT Whereever you are in this process, you have to realize that your approach is not quite perfect yet. For example, EVERYTHING that you can possibly find in the realm of medicine, nutrition, health and fitness is RIDICULOUSLY biased … your own views are RIDICULOUSLY biased … and you sort of … Continue reading

GYGbot … sketches of Spain

Roughly two years ago, an EXTREMELY INTERESTING, albeit not really all that profitable, Tallinn-based Estonian startup, Teleport, was acquired for a small undisclosed amount by MOVE Guides, a company that moves and manages mobile workforce transitions. Relocation assistance and quasi-tourism accomodations are interesting enough problems in their own right, but the GYBbot idea is primarily … Continue reading

Table of Contents OR Outline of AncientGuy.Fitness

Get up by 4:39. No excuses, is it tough to do? Who cares, just get going. Sleep hygiene. Dark/quiet. NO bs. Get up to work, get to bed to sleep. Practice/think/write/implement stoic philosophy 86,400 seconds/day. Fast therapeutically. Eat less. Learn more about nutrition/metabolism. Avoid any addiction, gossip, news, expert advice. LISTEN / READ more. Lift … Continue reading

Our heritage of climate change, scapegoating, proto-democratic governments and the “just” exploitation of others

Our heritage of climate change, scapegoating, proto-democratic governments and the “just” exploitation of others

Around the year 1400, global temperatures dropped approximately 1°C Then, by the 1500s the temperature drop had reached 2°C. England’s free-flowing Thames River froze over five times between 1400 and 1550. Between 1551 and 1700 it was covered in thick ice 12 times. Freezing winters were sometimes particularly desiccating, resulting in dry springs and hot … Continue reading

Post-hype-cycle blockchain

As you probably know with nauseating familiarity by now, a blockchain is a continuously-growing organic ledger of cryptographically – linked blocks in which each successive block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block [which recursively gives information about ALL blocks in succession], a new timestamp, and transaction data of the current block represented as … Continue reading

“V” is for VOLUNTARY

You have seen people flashing the “V” sign with their two fingers … it’s a hand signal that a few decades ago, during the protests of the Vietnam War, came to represent PEACE … but traditionally, over the very, very long pull of time, hundreds of years or longer, the simple V hand signal has … Continue reading