Good people don’t need laws to tell them to act responsibly, and bad people will find a way around them

Many people will recognize that quote from Plato … and simple truth of it is hopefully obvious enough, but the real question is how do we get more good people?

There is absolutely no solid evidence or historical data to indicate that more laws leads to better behavior … in fact, the exact opposite is true.  More laws inevitably have ALWAYS led to more people without a moral compass, to more people who knowledgable about skirting the law or stretching the exceptions to expand bad behavior.  Most people know this … or should realize it if they think about their own experience … but most people have been hypnotized, trained, manipulated into believing that a law will help their cause.

COERCION has never, ever, ever sustainably help any cause.  NEVER.  EVER.  NOT ONCE.  The coercion of well-intentioned laws has led to more laws and more laws and ultimately to things like the Inquisition or the Holocaust.  Government is not the solution; government is THE problem.

The REAL question is how do we get more good people?   Fortunately, the basic method that we can use ourselves to think about and answer this question has already been given to us … by Plato, around 380 BC … in his depiction of a Socratic dialogue … in a work, known as The Republic.  Obviously, the questions and the dialogue pertain to answering the question: “How would we get more good people for the environment faced by the Greeks in 380 BC?”

But what is important, is the process of thinking much more deeply about what is best for society — rather than being a jerk and thinking about what would be best if the world were populated by jealous fucks who envy others and cannot bear to let others succeed or what is best for MY own selfish interests … in other words, the BIG lessons that will always apply from The Republic is that equality [of wealth/power distribution] leads to a pathetically poor, hopelessly incompetent and weak society that will never be able to defend itself against either natural or  human threats.

THE lesson from The Republic is that a socially optimal society depends upon diversity, differences, competition and even conflict among different segments of society … when you make everyone the same, you get lowest common denominator attributes across the board … a Common Core in anything [especially education] will mean that EVERYONE will eventually be the stupidest, the fattest, the ugliest, the angriest, the poorests, the least competent … socialism and common-ist egalitarianism is not the road to serfdom, even serfs have some skills … egalitarianism is the road to a miserable world in which DEATH becomes the preferable option.