Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Somebody Else Today

This blog posting is my personal reflection on the fourth chapter of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life. I particularly ENJOY the start of this chapter and how it discusses the lilliputianesque myopic nature of  small-town worldviews and the intense localness of local heroes … but in a world of over seven billion humans, no matter how good you think you are at something, there is probably someone, or even a pretty large group of someones, out there who makes you look incompetent.  Inside of us, if we are somewhat mentally healthy enough to have any sense of humility, there is a voice or spirit that knows this and knows how truly mediocre we are.  We are not equal in our ability or outcomes to the best of the best and we never will be.  Winners don’t take all, but they take most and the bottom can be an uncomfortable place to be and many resort to lies or delusions of grandeur in order to attempt to function … but telling oneself lies is NOT functioning.