Remove the Convention of The States provision from Article V of the US Constitution

My main reason for being opposed to it is that I don’t really want to change the Constitution. PERIOD. End of story. Next Topic.

We don’t things like a Balanced Budget Amendment … and if we had one, the idiots that we have elected are smart enough to devise ways around it with various financial shenanigans like deferring liabilities into the future so that the cost didn’t show up in the current year’s budget.  You can’t fix stupid … and you REALLY should not try to fix incredibly DEVIOUS forms of stupid … there’s NO SUBSTITUTE for just voting the fiscally irresponsible out of office.  NO SUBSTITUTE FOR IT!

The Constitution is really ok as it is and any gimmicks or workarounds to add things somebody imagines they want like a “Balanced Budget” Amendment WILL backfire enormously … I dunno exactly how those procedural shenanigans with backfire, but I know WITH CERTAINTY that they WILL backfire.

Any change to the Constitution won’t be that easy, because it’s better if it’s not that easy … if we were going to change the US Constitution, I think the first thing that I’d want to change would be to remove Convention of the States provision, or what is also known as an Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention from Article Five of the United States Constitution.

My reason for removing it is that we’ve gone this long without ever using it, so what makes us think that we either need it OR we should ever have to use it.  In other words, if anything like a Constitutional provision or a law PROVES itself to be unnecessary and something that is never used, then lets eliminate it before some kid puts an eye out with it.

We should knock off the nonsense,  put all of the effort and attention that we have squandered on suggesting such an idiotic thing to the use of just focusing diligently on the task changing hearts and minds of voters and getting rid of the problems that we’ve elected.

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