Ancient Guy Fitness

Do not ever watch television. EVER.  For one thing, you should not EVER sit — you should stand, squat, rest on your haunches, use different sized stability ball to vary your seated posture.  It’s partly a matter of muscle tone and balance … so you don’t die in a fall.  Mostly, it’s about ditching the seated way of thinking — ditching the passive consuming mindset.  NEVER swallow the sensationalist poison that purveyors of hysteria dish out … don’t worry, your friends who watch tv will do a good enough job of shoveling the shit in your direction.

Do “n of 1” science, do crowdfunded science … when you don’t work on thing that are cognitively HARD, your brain atrophies and declines.  Believe it or not, you can afford to lose your physical abilities, but you cannot afford to lose what is left of your mind.

Re-learn how to learn. Constantly.

Stop being death phobic.  Our culture is terrified of dying; as if it were a communicable disease — the reality is that death is something that you contracted when you were concieved.  Death and suffering are ESSENTIAL parts of life.  When you spend time listening to or expressing modest forms of kindness to someone who is facing an imminent death, you learn things.  Most people never learn these things, so they lack anything but a false or cartoon version of morality.  Grief is moral intelligence.

Enjoy life … without apologies.

Consistency matters. 84600 seconds of every day. #DisciplineEqualsFreedom

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