Lots of spreadsheets listing lots of problems

I’m pulling my hair out about orging and re-orging my ToDo lists with better org tools for more orging … so a friend, Chad Brewbaker gentle reminds me that John Carmack still uses his .plan file from twenty years ago.

Chad has a point, so my joking response is … “That’s JUST VR, man!” … in my best Lebowski impersonation, which is probably better in text form … the POINT is that we should JUST do things like the better folks in VR [like Carmack] do things virtually … or as Jaron Lanier would say, “You are not somebody else’s gadget” … and you shouldn’t build things to make other people into gadgets you can use … their time, their agenda matters … as much as I prefer self-documenting systems, ie “just read the effing code” I still struggle with bad habits and UNCLEAN jibberish code.  UNCLEAN hackery is just a sign of something that wasn’t really thought through.  No discipline. Everything we design/engineer/build should be clean or self-documenting, since someone’s gonna need to maintain/refactor and SIMPLIFY it.

Meanwhile, in government [and things government-like] … there’s an avoidance of the virtual realm … or anything like CLEAN code or coding processes that are designed for maintainability or refactoring for simplification … there are [physical, butt-in-chair required] meetings about meetings about meetings — which make governance by unweildy, out-of-control government impossible to control … the obsession with obfuscated unnecessity ensures that no citizen can ever attend enough physical meetings to be aware of all of crap that government is doing to make it likely that the citizen cannot comply with regulation or avoid the taxation that government uses to take control of citizen’s lives from citizens … that’s how a wise old guy Thomas Sowell redpilled Kanye with the line about avoiding people who like meetings; ESPECIALLY applies to physical meetings (ie anyone who demands you a attend physical meeting is hopeless mass waster of other people’s time).

In LEAN, we simplify and 5S the hell out of things, aggressively look for ways to design out transport / transportation … if you look at another dot plan … the DOT Strategic Plan, for example … scan the thing, search for keywords indicating that government might have a clue about SIMPLIFICATION … you won’t find much in the way of EVER reducing DOT scope or strategic simplification or somehow assisting people in making transport/transportation and complexicated transportation unnecessary, eg the closest you get to moving to the virtual realm is maybe #CallBeforeYouDig.

Indeed, when it comes to digging deeper holes with more government … #CallBeforeYouDig.

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