Lots of spreadsheets listing lots of problems

I’m pulling my hair out about orging and re-orging my ToDo lists with better org tools for more orging … so a friend, Chad Brewbaker gentle reminds me that John Carmack still uses his .plan file from twenty years ago.

Chad has a point, so my joking response is … “That’s JUST VR, man!” … in my best Lebowski impersonation, which is probably better in text form … the POINT is that we should JUST do things like the better folks in VR [like Carmack] do things virtually … or as Jaron Lanier would say, “You are not somebody else’s gadget” … and you shouldn’t build things to make other people into gadgets you can use … their time, their agenda matters … as much as I prefer self-documenting systems, ie “just read the effing code” I still struggle with bad habits and UNCLEAN jibberish code.  UNCLEAN hackery is just a sign of something that wasn’t really thought through.  No discipline. Everything we design/engineer/build should be clean or self-documenting, since someone’s gonna need to maintain/refactor and SIMPLIFY it.

Meanwhile, in government [and things government-like] … there’s an avoidance of the virtual realm … or anything like CLEAN code or coding processes that are designed for maintainability or refactoring for simplification … there are [physical, butt-in-chair required] meetings about meetings about meetings — which make governance by unweildy, out-of-control government impossible to control … the obsession with obfuscated unnecessity ensures that no citizen can ever attend enough physical meetings to be aware of all of crap that government is doing to make it likely that the citizen cannot comply with regulation or avoid the taxation that government uses to take control of citizen’s lives from citizens … that’s how a wise old guy Thomas Sowell redpilled Kanye with the line about avoiding people who like meetings; ESPECIALLY applies to physical meetings (ie anyone who demands you a attend physical meeting is hopeless mass waster of other people’s time).

In LEAN, we simplify and 5S the hell out of things, aggressively look for ways to design out transport / transportation … if you look at another dot plan … the DOT Strategic Plan, for example … scan the thing, search for keywords indicating that government might have a clue about SIMPLIFICATION … you won’t find much in the way of EVER reducing DOT scope or strategic simplification or somehow assisting people in making transport/transportation and complexicated transportation unnecessary, eg the closest you get to moving to the virtual realm is maybe #CallBeforeYouDig.

Indeed, when it comes to digging deeper holes with more government … #CallBeforeYouDig.

Ancient Guy Fitness

Do not ever watch television. EVER.  For one thing, you should not EVER sit — you should stand, squat, rest on your haunches, use different sized stability ball to vary your seated posture.  It’s partly a matter of muscle tone and balance … so you don’t die in a fall.  Mostly, it’s about ditching the seated way of thinking — ditching the passive consuming mindset.  NEVER swallow the sensationalist poison that purveyors of hysteria dish out … don’t worry, your friends who watch tv will do a good enough job of shoveling the shit in your direction.

Do “n of 1” science, do crowdfunded science … when you don’t work on thing that are cognitively HARD, your brain atrophies and declines.  Believe it or not, you can afford to lose your physical abilities, but you cannot afford to lose what is left of your mind.

Re-learn how to learn. Constantly.

Stop being death phobic.  Our culture is terrified of dying; as if it were a communicable disease — the reality is that death is something that you contracted when you were concieved.  Death and suffering are ESSENTIAL parts of life.  When you spend time listening to or expressing modest forms of kindness to someone who is facing an imminent death, you learn things.  Most people never learn these things, so they lack anything but a false or cartoon version of morality.  Grief is moral intelligence.

Enjoy life … without apologies.

Consistency matters. 84600 seconds of every day. #DisciplineEqualsFreedom

Program Of Study

For starters, it is important to mention what NOT to study or consume … if only to have more time to spend studying things that might actually matter. You should detest hysteria and sensationalized distortion of risk; this means deliberately taking steps to carefully examine analyze data in order to more rationally determine the best course of action. Exactly WHAT are you going to do as a result of what you have learned.  Thus, it is important to NEVER follow news or current events in order  to be well-informed; likewise, it is important to never waste your time being distracted by celebrities, movies, television programming or other content intended for the masses … the people around you will be more than sufficiently distracted, spooked and herded as prey animals by the predatory drivers of chaos in the media and entertainment sources they overconsume that you will obtain far more than enough information just by being subjected to the waves of induced hysteria in the stampeded bovines.  The hysteria in the herd which the entertainment and news media sources produce does furnish important information — to wit, there is a very simple rule from the Latin phrase Cui Bono which always applies. When it comes to news, NEVER forget this rule — ALWAYS think in terms of who is benefiting from spreading this garbage — your own analysis of herd behavior using that principle will tell you what your best source of action will be … unless you want to be a prey animal, it will ALWAYS be up to you to determine EXACTLY what you are going to do about it. Almost all of the time, you can safely ignore the hysteria — your best course of action will be to learn more about OTHER things that affect you more directly.

There are things that are going to matter:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness
  3. Health
  4. Shelter
  5. Science
  6. Art
  7. Nature
  8. Interaction
  9. Transport
  10. Logistics
  11. Finance
  12. Risk
  13. Security
  14. Context
  15. Death

Depending upon your personal predilections, history and upbringing, professional background or bodies of knowledge masters, interests and curiosities and intuitive callings, there will be things that you will want to devote serious energy to studying.  In my case, these include:

  1. Moral intelligence, the meaning of Life
  2. Values, politics, citizenship
  3. Agriculture and food production
  4. Permaculture, foodscaping, sculpture
  5. Music, art, civil disobedience
  6. Cooking and food preservation
  7. Fasting and fast-mimicking diets
  8. Fermentation and probiotics
  9. Soil quality and bioremediation
  10. BJJ lifestyle and martial arts
  11. Group science, “n of 1” science
  12. Writing, persuasion, content marketing
  13. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  14. Linguistics and communication idioms
  15. Biomarkers, signalling, endocrinology
  16. Ecology, greenspaces, natural surroundings
  17. Neurology and neurotransmitters
  18. Mobility, camping, RV maintenance
  19. Nursery propagation and tissue culture
  20. Optics and advanced microscopy
  21. Imaging and image manipulation
  22. Messaging infrastructure/protocols
  23. Sensors, Iot, precision medicine
  24. Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
  25. Bash and linux administration
  26. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  27. Git, Github, Gitflow, GitKraken
  28. Visual Studio Code, Atom
  29. C, Go, Python, Javascript, Erlang
  30. Jupyter notebook/hub, Conda
  31. Mushrooms, mycorrhizae
  32. Genomics, microbiomics
  33. Business, finance, investments
  34. Risk management and antifragility
  35. Personal and home security
  36. Archery, hunting and slingshots
  37. Kubernetes, Docker, virtual machines
  38. Pipes, pipemaking, pipe tobacco
  39. Bicycling, bike maintenance
  40. Guns, gunsmithing, FFL
  41. BBQ, smoking/curing meats, tailgating
  42. Furniture, woodworking, finishing
  43. Greenhouse, conservatory, deck
  44. Startups, entrepreneurs, coaching
  45. Empowered patients, healthcare revolution
  46. Plumbing, HVAC, sewer, utilities
  47. Homebuilding, property ownership
  48. Psychology, leadership, discipline
  49. Sleep hygiene and optimization
  50. 5S, LEAN thinking, expense reduction

Remove the Convention of The States provision from Article V of the US Constitution

My main reason for being opposed to it is that I don’t really want to change the Constitution. PERIOD. End of story. Next Topic.

We don’t things like a Balanced Budget Amendment … and if we had one, the idiots that we have elected are smart enough to devise ways around it with various financial shenanigans like deferring liabilities into the future so that the cost didn’t show up in the current year’s budget.  You can’t fix stupid … and you REALLY should not try to fix incredibly DEVIOUS forms of stupid … there’s NO SUBSTITUTE for just voting the fiscally irresponsible out of office.  NO SUBSTITUTE FOR IT!

The Constitution is really ok as it is and any gimmicks or workarounds to add things somebody imagines they want like a “Balanced Budget” Amendment WILL backfire enormously … I dunno exactly how those procedural shenanigans with backfire, but I know WITH CERTAINTY that they WILL backfire.

Any change to the Constitution won’t be that easy, because it’s better if it’s not that easy … if we were going to change the US Constitution, I think the first thing that I’d want to change would be to remove Convention of the States provision, or what is also known as an Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention from Article Five of the United States Constitution.

My reason for removing it is that we’ve gone this long without ever using it, so what makes us think that we either need it OR we should ever have to use it.  In other words, if anything like a Constitutional provision or a law PROVES itself to be unnecessary and something that is never used, then lets eliminate it before some kid puts an eye out with it.

We should knock off the nonsense,  put all of the effort and attention that we have squandered on suggesting such an idiotic thing to the use of just focusing diligently on the task changing hearts and minds of voters and getting rid of the problems that we’ve elected.